With Universal Benefit Account®, you get to focus on what matters most, selecting accounts that are right for your employees with few limitations. A highly configurable, single solution with a single card is linked to all of the accounts, creating a seamless client and participant experience!

say benefits customization is important for employer loyalty.5 
TASC’s new solution  - Universal Benefit Account - is the industry’s first instantly configurable and integrated benefit solution.  What the market currently offers as a 3- to 6-month turnaround, to create a custom benefit plan, takes a day with Universal Benefit Account enabling you to quickly and proactively address business needs and control costs.   


Become an employer of choice in an increasingly competitive job market. Instant configurability means you can now satisfy the unique work-life goals of prospective hires.


You are no longer limited to what a system or traditional benefits can or can’t do. Whether it’s a best practice approach or meeting every unique need, Universal Benefit Account saves you time and money while increasing engagement and productivity.