With Universal Benefit Account®, the experience for HR and employees alike is a smart, easy and connected experience across all devices with ONE website, ONE mobile app, ONE enrollment form, ONE login and ONE TASC Card for all your benefit accounts.
Imagine the time and money savings by integrating all the benefit accounts on one platform. Self-service tools across an intuitive employee digital experience also help replace calls to HR and drives engagement.

Native Cloud UBA_Phone_reversed


We developed Universal Benefit Account on a Native Cloud platform ensuring a secure and scalable solution with the flexibility to change as your business needs do.

It is fully integrated and connected with over 200 carriers, partners and third parties for claims, enrollment and payroll, ensuring a seamless, streamlined and a very timely reimbursement response time.  We have the fastest reimbursement turnaround time in the industry, which makes for happy and productive employees.



TASC Security

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Role-based options
  • Tokenization
  • Currently partner with federal entities providing the highest level of security standards across our solution